San Francisco Bay Area Tomiki Aikido



Aikido is a Japanese martial art which is primarily self defensive. There are no punches or kicks. The whole goal is to subdue and restrain an attacker without hurting him, as the attacker is not viewed as an inherently bad person, to whom anything can be done, but as a person who has temporarily deviated from the good path, and who should be treated with compassion and restraint. As a result, the art features pins, locks, and holds, all good for subduing an opponent without causing permanent harm. We specifically practice Shodokan Aikido, a style founded by Tomiki-sensei. Tomiki-sensei, who was a student of both Ueshiba-sensei, the founder of Aikido, as well as Kano-sensei, the founder of Judo, sought to develop Aikido as a sport and emphasized refining the practicality and efficiency of techniques in “real life” situations through competition.

Our club is based in Berkeley, CA and is affiliated with the Tomiki Aikido of the Americas (TAA). The TAA is a nonprofit organization of instructors and students dedicated to handing down and enhancing Tomiki-sensei’s system of Aikido training methods, which he dubbed Shodokan Aikido, or Shining Way Aikido. The TAA currently has over 80 affiliated clubs and dojos in the US, Central, and South America. More information on the TAA and Shodokan Aikido in general can be found on their website.

New students of all levels are welcome anytime! Please check the class schedule for locations and times.